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Uw professionele slotenmaker!

TG Slotenmakers your professional Locksmith

Need a locksmith?

Did your lock break because of an attempted burglary, vandalism or an accident? Did you lock yourself out? Did you break your key?
Accidents happen. It’s not that uncommon for a key to break or to walk out the door whilst leaving your keys indoors.

That’s always annoying, but it’s not a problem!

We offer you the appropriate solution to these problems and can repair any damage to doors and frames that might occur.
The locksmiths of TG Slotenmakers are at your disposal 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year to repair your broken locks quickly and skillfully.

We are the premium locksmith company for quick and professional assistance.

What can TG Slotenmakers mean for you?

Our most important services are:
* Opening locks in case of getting locked out
* 24h service to assist with keys, locks, and glass
* Repair of locks, cylinders, and keys (except car keys!)
* Repairs of locks and glass after burglary damage
* Free advice regarding (mechanical) home security

Urgency? Broken lock? Locked out?

Call our locksmith 24 hours a day at 015 88 980 88 to solve your problems quickly and professionally.

Real estate maintenance

Do you own or manage real estate and do you wish for your property to be maintenanced properly? Here at TG Slotenmakers / TG Onderhoud we can be of service! We’re continually monitoring our quality level and anticipate changes and expectations. This way we can guarantee we’ll perform better.

TG Slotenmakers / TG Onderhoud offers a complete concept for repairs and (technical) maintenance on offices, schools, or private residences. Your complete maintenance needs can be performed and managed by us. You just dial our number, and we’ll take care everything else, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no hassle with different contractors, or intermediaries, we’ll take care of all your problems personally.

The benefits of TG Slotenmakers / TG Onderhoud as your real estate maintenance partner:
* Only one contact
* We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
* The highest quality and we’re focused on solutions
* The best value for money

Would you like a quotation or more information regarding our real estate maintenance?
No problem! Just fill in our maintenance application form, without any obligation.

Any questions? Our advice is always free of charge. Our prices are transparent and clear, so you’ll always know where you stand.

Call our locksmith 24 hours a day at 015 88 980 88 to solve your problems quickly and professionally.